Air Distribution

Product Description

NilAIR is a simple, compact and flexible air distribution system. The system provides optimum air quality while taking up minimum space and very little time as it is easily and quickly installed.

The air distribution system can be fitted in the floor, wall or ceiling. The tubes are only 75 mm in diameter but very strong and flexible. This means that NilAIR is suitable for use even in the most special constructions where space is a decisive parameter.

NilAIR is connected to a ventilation system and comprises easy-to-clean, robust and anti-corrosive elements, which are available in various sizes and versions. The system can therefore be adapted to meet your exact needs and provides endless possibilities.

The system can be installed quickly and cheaply as you can do it yourself. No special tools are needed and the tubes are fitted without the use of any tools. Furthermore, you can regulate the quantity of air injected into each room individually.