Combi 300 Polar

Product Description

Combi 300 Polar is for anyone who wants ventilation with highly efficient heat recovery and comfort heating and cooling.

Combi 300 Polar combines two heat recovery techniques, where the unit first recovers 85-90 % of the heat via the highly efficient counter flow exchanger. The residual energy is recovered via the unit’s heat pump, which is able to both heat and cool the supply air.

The unit extract hot, humid air from e.g. the kitchen, bathroom and utility room, at the same time removing dust particles, moisture and odours from the home. Furthermore, the energy from the extract air is used to heat the incoming air. Combi 300 Polar can replace 350 m³ air per hour.

When you buy Combi 300 Polar, you get a comfortable and healthy indoor climate and cost savings on your heating bill.

Combi 300 Polar is suitable for locating in an attic space