Compact P

Product Description

The Compact P is a modular compact system that offers not only one but several solutions, thus enabling you to select the solution must suitably proportioned to match the size of your house and accommodate the requirements of your family.

Compact P data sheet

The first step in a Compact P solution is always the Compact P itself, i.e. the basic unit. The Compact P is a complementary ventilation and heating system that provides your house with ventilation, heat recovery and production of sanitary hot water. It ensures a daily air exchange with the removal of dust particles, smells and excess humidity in exchange for a pleasant and healthy indoor climate. When it is hotter inside than outside the house, a built-in bypass makes sure to let cool air directly into the house.

If you want a total solution that covers central heating of the house as well, you should choose a Compact P solution with an outdoor air or ground source heat pump.

Compact P is, as only one out of a few compact systems in the world, passive house certified due to its high efficiency. The certification means that the Compact P is pre-approved for passive housing without any additional documentation ever being needed.