Compact P – With Air Source Heat Pump

Product Description

The Compact P UVP has the same functions, benefits and options as the Compact P but can further be used to exploit outdoor air to heat the home

Compact P data sheet

When you install a Compact P UVP, your home will become self-sufficient in sustainable energy and it will no longer be necessary to use other sources of energy, such as district heating, oil or gas, to heat your home. The Compact P UVP is the eco-friendly choice for anyone who wishes to exploit sustainable sources of energy to heat their homes and at the same time reap the benefits in the form of lower heating bills and a good, healthy indoor climate.

The system is equipped with an outside air heat pump, UVP  5 Compact, which, in contrast to the system itself, is set up outside. The heat pump absorbs the energy in the outside air and coverts this energy into heat that is used to heat water in your central heating system, which is then pumped to the radiators or underfloor heating in your home.

The Compact P UVP solution can reduce your heating bill by up to 50%. For each kW power used by the outside air heat pump, you get up to four times as much heat in return.

Compact P UVP is also available in a version with a built-in pre-heating element – Compact Polar UVP. Compact Polar UVP is optimum for use in cold climates.