250m2 Code Level 4 Family Home

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4 Bedroom Family Home conforming to Code Level 4 Sustainable Homes. Timber Frame, Ultra Low Air Tightness and Triple Glazing. Approx 250m Floor Area.

S L Services were on hand to provide Ventilation, Comfort Cooling, Heated Inject Air and Domestic Hot Water to the property. Using the NILAN Compact P Cooling Solar XL (415m3/hr max) we were also able to control hot water from the backup boiler for times of high hot water demand. The boiler provides hot water to the secondary coil in the Compact P. This is only engaged via the NILAN CTS602 controller when absolutely necessary.

4 Bed Code 4 Home

NILAIR Ductwork has been installed to the slab and since covered with the 150mm thick floor insulation, the underfloor heating pipes then afixed to the top insulation layer. This is both space saving and makes for an easier installation reducing time on site for ducting engineers and also costs.

Nilan Case Study 1

A stud wall has been employed as a riser for the ductwork to service the upstairs rooms.


Nilan Case Study 2


We are undergoing some engineering works of our own currently - please be patient and we are always available by phone or email.