VPL 15 Top

Product Description

VPL 15 Top is for anyone who wants ventilation with highly efficient heat recovery, and comfort heating and cooling.

The system extracts hot, humid air from e.g. the kitchen, bathroom and utility room, and at the same time removes dust particles, moisture and odours from the home. Furthermore, the energy from the extract air is used to heat or cool the incoming air. The system can be equipped with supplementary heating elements that can be connected to an electric or central heating system. The system will produce a comfortable incoming air temperature even in the coldest winter weather.

When you buy a VP 15 Top system, you get a comfortable and healthy indoor climate and cost savings on your heating bill.

The system is a top model for installation in a utility room, either inside a cupboard or on the wall.

We are undergoing some engineering works of our own currently - please be patient and we are always available by phone or email.